Asian American InterVarsity

FG Olympics 2015

Weekly Events

There are a ton of different ways for you to get connected to AAIV. The following is a list of the regular weekly events that AAIV hosts. Also, be on the lookout for special and spontaneous events throughout the year through our Facebook group and our events calendar. Hope to see you soon!

  • Focus – Every Friday night at 7 PM the entire fellowship gathers as a large group to wrestle with issues faith, culture, and what it means to be a student at Northwestern. Each large group focuses on topics that are relevant and challenging. Whether you are a committed Christian looking for fellowship or someone exploring faith, Focus is a great place to start! Join our Facebook group for weekly updates on where we meet. For more info, email Christine Hickernell.
  • Small Group – Small groups are groups of 6-10 fellow students that meet to learn about God through His word and develop friendships with one another. For more info, email Johnathan Orr.
  • Groups Investigating God (GIG) – Want to learn more about Christianity? Do you have questions or concerns about Jesus? Organized religion? GIGs are safe and relaxed places to explore your spiritual questions. For more info, email Ji Yoon Song.
  • Discipleship – Our discipleship groups are opportunities to grow deeper in your Christian walk with other students from AAIV as you meet regularly together, share your lives, challenge one another, and learn to multiply your faith through love and love through faith. For more info, email Ellen Zhou.
  • Chapter Prayer Meeting – Every week, the entire chapter comes together to pray for our fellowship and to ask God to continue to move our community forward. For more info, email Sarah Xie.

Ministry Teams

AAIV is a student-led fellowship with many different ministries. Below are brief descriptions of our ministry teams and the students who lead them. Feel free to contact us with any thoughts or questions!

  • Focus Team plans and executes our weekly large group meetings held every Friday evening at 7 PM. The team books speakers, plans fun events and helps create weekly large group gatherings that challenge people to go deeper in their walk with Christ. Within Focus team, Ellen Hsu leads worship – if you’re interested in helping out, contact her.  Focus team is led by Christine Hickernell.
  • Small Group Ministry hosts and leads small groups throughout the week in dorms across campus. Each family group, which is divided by year, is made up of 6-10 students and consists of Bible studies, fellowship, prayer and outreach. Overseeing the family group leaders is the Family Group Coordinator Johnathan Orr.
  • Discipleship Ministry is in charge of coordinating discipleship groups and GIGs. Over the past few years, AAIV has been blessed with an abundance discipleship pairs, sometimes to a fault, given that quantity does not always result in quality. This year, a new system for discipleship has been put into place to establish a culture of healthy, fruitful discipleship through discipleship groups dedicated to making the command to “make disciples” a reality. Our vision is for discipleship is to “Multiply faith through love and love through faith.” We are seeking to do this through multiple self-sustaining discipleship groups, each taken at their own pace and facilitated by those belonging to each group. Contact Ellen Zhou for more information.
  • Core Team is responsible for crafting and maintaining the overall vision of the chapter. Each Core Team member is responsible for leading and overseeing different areas of the fellowship. Together, the team seeks to be unified in their mission and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. Core Team is led by Chris Li and Sarah Xie.