Greek InterVarsity


What is Greek InterVarsity?

Greek InterVarsity is the place where being Greek and Christian come together. In fact, being in a fraternity or sorority can be one of the best places to grow and be challenged in your faith. Northwestern Greek InterVarsity is part of a national movement of Fraternity and Sorority students present on over 90 campuses across the country. Follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page. Interested in joining Greek life? Check out the Northwestern Fraternity and Sorority Life website.

Getting Involved Fall 2015

Here are some great ways to get connected to our community this fall!

  • Weekly All-Greek Bible Study | Wednesdays starting Oct 14 | 9-10pm Annenberg 256
  • Current members in Kappa Delta, Delta Chi and Alpha Chi Omega can join the Greek IV Bible study that’s already meeting in your chapter.

Check out our facebook page to stay posted on upcoming events!

Greek Conference 2016

It’s never to early to start thinking about Greek Conference 2016, February 12-14! Hundreds of greeks from across the country will gather in Indianapolis for a weekend of spiritual growth and fun. Check out the website ( or the highlight video below. If you have questions or need a scholarship, talk to Ryan Mercer.


Chapter Ministries

Our goal is to establish a student-led ministry in every fraternity and sorority on campus. We’re all about bringing Jesus to where people are at and we’ve found that one of the best ways to do this is by leading a regular Bible study in your chapter house or apartment with fellow brothers and sisters. Don’t see your letters represented here? You could be the next leader for your chapter! Meet our current chapter ministry leaders.


Christina Spaeth | Kappa Delta   







Charlie Burton | Delta Chi 







Kaley Wendorf | Alpha Chi Omega 


What is a Chapter Ministry?

A chapter ministry consists of at least one Christian who is actively seeking to share the good news of Jesus within their fraternity or sorority. Often this takes the form of a weekly, outreach-oriented Bible study that meets at the chapter house or a central location on campus. But chapter ministry is more than just a Bible study. It also stems from the fact that God loves our chapters and the people in them more than we do and, consequently, calls us to have a renewing influence as involved brothers and sisters. Watch the video below to get a great picture of what a chapter ministry can look like!


How do I become a Chapter Ministry Leader?

Spiritual Support. Training. Commitment. These are the essentials to becoming a successful chapter ministry leader. Good chapter ministry leadership starts with a strong spiritual community for support.

Every quarter, we offer an 8 week Chapter Ministry Leader apprentice program to prepare you for leadership. Are you ready to commit 4 hours a week to receive proper training and adequately prepare a weekly Bible study? Can you commit to being an involved member of your fraternity or sorority? Leading a chapter ministry with your brothers/sisters is challenging, but your investment of time and faith will develop you as a spiritual leader like nothing else!

We take applications for the apprentice program at the end of every quarter. Email Ryan Mercer if you are interested.


Other chapters with members currently involved in Greek InterVarsity

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