House on the Rock (Black Student Fellowship)


Seeking Jesus. Sharing Jesus. Loving People.

House on the Rock (HotR) is a chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and has been serving Northwestern’s Black community for over 25 years. We seek to transform students in all stages of life into world changers who are striving to seek Jesus, share Jesus, and love people. House on the Rock values the importance of having intimate relationships with God, living out His purpose in holy lifestyles, and serving Him with Excellence. We believe that in the future, today’s students will shape healthcare, business, church, family life, politics, culture, and more. Imagine the life-long service and impact that would ensue if college students learned to love the Truth, were transformed by God, and fervently followed Jesus. Imagine the potential if during college young men and women built their house, their foundation, upon a rock.

Weekly Bible Study

House on the Rock meets for a weekly Bible study on Wednesdays at 8pm at the Black House. It is a time to come together for worship, community building, and exploring scripture. As a family we seek to better understand and apply the word of God to our lives.

If you would like more information on getting involved, contact our House on the Rock staff member Alex Bobbitt.  

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