Graduate Christian Fellowship

The Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) of Northwestern University is a community of Christian graduate and professional students seeking to grow in our faith, our understanding of the relationship between our faith and our vocations, and our love for and service to others. Believing that our presence as Christian graduate students at Northwestern is not happenstance, but that God has called us for a time to be his people here, GCF seeks to explore and live out the implications of our academic calling. As an affiliate of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, part of a worldwide network of evangelical student organizations, GCF subscribes to InterVarsity’s statement of purpose:

In response to God’s love, grace and truth: The purpose of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is to establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love of God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world.

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